Coming Events

25 January 2020

Poets: Jo Shapcott, Kim Moore

Musician: Chris Davis

22 February 2020

Poets: J O Morgan, Maria Stepanova with Sasha Dugdale (translator)

Musician/s: Phil France

21 March 2020

Poets: David Wheatley, Mary Jean Chan, Jane Burn, Isaiah Hull

Musician/s: tbc

4 April 2020

Competition prize-giving event with Sinéad Morrissey

Musician/s: tbc


7 Responses to Coming Events

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  3. Lynne Taylor says:

    Are there any imminent Poetry Workshops?!
    Yours hopefully!
    Lynne Taylor


    • Hi Lynne,

      I’m afraid we haven’t booked workshops for the next few events. We will be doing workshops in the future but it’s more likely to be the Autumn. You could always try the Poetry School website, if you haven’t already.

      Best wishes,
      On behalf of the P&P team


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