Workshop with Michael Schmidt: 18 May 2023 (Thursday evening)

Michael Schmidt

We are pleased to host a workshop with Michael Schmidt on the evening of Thursday 18 May 2023, 7.00-9.00 at the Friends Meeting House, Manchester. Directions to the venue are on the Friends Meeting House website. The workshop will focus upon:

The Counting House

In the 20th Century, syllabic verse was used to work away from conventional forms without losing direction in ‘free verse’. In the 21st Century it may answer a different need. We will look at syllabic work by some modern poets and try our hand at syllabics ourselves. Bring along a draft, a finished poem, or a passage of prose that interests you and we will see what syllabics might give you. Don’t bring a darling because syllabics can be a merciless discipline.

The fee is £20. Please email to confirm a place. Once your place has been confirmed payment can be made by cheque or by using the PayPal button below:

Workshop Payment £20     Pay Now Button with Credit Cards

Michael Schmidt is a literary historian, publisher (Carcanet) and magazine editor (PN Review). His most recent poetry collection is Talking to Stanley on the Telephone (The Poetry Business).’



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